A new Brothers in Arms game is on the way

The boss of Gearbox revealed the existence of a new Brothers in Arms game on the latest AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast, though he isn’t ready to officially announce it yet. “We’re working on another Brothers in Arms game but I’m not saying s*** until we have it,” says Pitchford.

This news is interesting because we haven’t seen a new console Brothers in Arms game since Hell’s Highway back in 2008. Since then, the Brothers in Arms franchise has been a mobile franchise published by Gameloft. The other interesting thing is that we don’t know if this represents an actual console return or if Gearbox is making another mobile game.

Randy Pitchford has been talking about reviving the Brothers in Arms franchise for the better part of a decade, whether it’s via the cancelled Furious 4 or just hyping up a potential return to form that hasn’t materialized yet.

Brothers in Arms is a squad-based World War 2 shooter series that mixes first and third person perspectives and is one of the early shooters that implemented a cover system. The series achieved critical acclaim before it faded into obscurity and mobile monetization schemes.

Gearbox took a similar tack when it came to how it announced Borderlands 3 in that it waited until the game was in beta to reveal the game to the public. The developer might go a similar route when it comes to how this new Brothers in Arms game is revealed. Time will tell what comes of this.

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