Destiny 2: Where to find Scorn passcodes and complete The First Rule

There’s a new and rather complicated Enigmatic Mystery called The First Rule in Destiny 2 this week as we visit the Debris of Dreams. You’ll want to have Sight: Frequency Echoes unlocked before jumping in as well as your usual true Sight and Barrier Breach abilities. For this challenge, you’ll need to find three Scorn passcodes to unlock a chest, so let’s see where to find them.

Destiny 2 The First Rule: Where to find the Scorn passcodes

To open the chest and unlock this Enigmatic Mystery, you’ll need to find and kill three Scorn bosses. After you’ve aligned the second beacon, head to The Encampment via the vertical pathway directly in front of the beacon. Jump up until you find the locked door, which you can open by taking out the enemies and interacting with the interface.

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