Art of Rally is coming to PlayStation consoles

Driving game Art of Rally is coming to PlayStation consoles this fall.

Already available on PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and on Xbox Game Pass, the game will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PS5 on October 6.

The game features cars from different rally eras, including classics from the 60’s, 80’s, Group B, Group S and Group A, which you will drive across rally locations such as Norway, Finland, Germany, and more.

There are 61 cars in total in the base game, 60 rally stages, daily and weekly challenges with leaderboards, photo and replay mode, and Ghost Racing.

Developed by Funselektor Labs, developers of the top-down driving game Absolute Drift, the driving mechanics in Art of Rally have been overhauled since the former’s release. It also features a car damage system that affects performance, which you’ll be able to fix via repairs between stages.

There are also various driving modes that promise to challenge players, and all can take on these races using rally driving tricks such as Scandinavian flick, counter steering, left foot braking, and handbrake turns.

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