Amazon Astro seems like a little cute robo assistant but it’s really a cute little narc that’ll deliver beers

Amazon just unveiled the Astro, a smart home device that resembles a sci-fi droid. The news comes from a recent Amazon event where the company announced a pile of gadgets and security devices, with the Amazon Astro “household robot” able to talk to them all. This 20-pound pet annoyer can recognize faces and has a 10-inch display that will feature a cute little robot face of its own. It can emote, giving it the vibe of a friendly helper or judgey digital voyeur.  

Once you get past all the winky faces and bleeps and boops, the Astro shares a lot of the same Alexa-driven functionality of an Echo Show tablet, except this one can follow you around the house. You can set reminders, have it play music, and make calls. It also acts as a personal guard bot patrolling your home while you’re away and will notify you of any unsanctioned shenanigans. I’m really hoping it has an angry face to display to ward off intruders. 

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