9 hours in, Back 4 Blood is bloody brilliant

Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock Studios’ spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, is out now and we’re playing it. OK, it isn’t officially “out” until October 12, but considering that anybody who pre-ordered the game could start playing as of yesterday, it’s basically in the middle of a soft launch. Those who didn’t pre-order (because pre-ordering games is silly) or planned to play it day one on Game Pass are stuck waiting until Tuesday.

We’ll have a full review of the game ready around then, but in the meantime, I’ve logged my impressions based on my first nine hours slaughtering zombies with friends. The gist? Back 4 Blood is a ton of fun so far, and not as overcomplicated or bloated as I feared it’d be. Check back for updates as I play more levels, try out more Cleaners, and unlock more modifier cards.

Back 4 Blood day one impressions

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