Avowed, Obsidian’s Skyrim-style RPG, will feature two-handed combat and ‘multiple class playstyles’

Our colleagues at Windows Central published an article Tuesday with a few bits of fresh information on Avowed, Obsidian’s upcoming first-person fantasy RPG. There aren’t many new details, but we did learn a few things: Author Jez Corden says that Avowed will feature “multiple class playstyles” with two-handed combat that will enable dual wielding, two-handed weapons or a combination of weapons and wizardy, according to sources familiar with the game’s development.

Some spells will also be two-handed, according to the report, which says that the Fireball spell, for instance, will be conjured “using complex-looking hand gestures.” Weapons will be enchantable, and it’s possible that the musket-style firearms that appeared in the Pillars of Eternity isometric RPGs—Avowed is set in the same world, remember—will also be usable.

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