Should you kill McKay or let him live in Far Cry 6?

Whether to kill McKay in Far Cry 6 or let him live might seem like a big decision, but it really isn’t.

Once you’ve completed the main Operations in El Este, you’re faced with the question of what to do with the Yanqui interloper. Like most things in Far Cry 6, though, your choice has limited effects.

Far Cry 6 kill McKay – What happens if you kill McKay

As the operation wraps up, Dani gets a call from Juan Cortez about how the situation’s going to unfold. The idea is to let McKay escape back to America, but since when does Dani play by the rules?

You can end McKay at any point if you want to, and it’s the only way to obtain a rare piece of equipment: the “Canadians, What?” wrist gear. It’s a highly situational piece of equipment that guarantees enemies drop pesos when defeated — but only if you defeat them with poison.

If you carry a weapon with the poison rounds ammo mod, Canadians, What? is a solid way to farm pesos. If not, you pretty much just get the satisfaction of seeing McKay get his due.

Far Cry 6 kill McKay – What happens if you let McKay live

Letting McKay live is the default choice and just requires you to do nothing as the story unfolds. He’ll leave the boat as planned, and ride off into the American sunset, but not before gifting you 5,000 pesos. It’s a paltry sum, and you can easily gather more pesos just from raiding FND bases, completing treasure hunts — or killing McKay and using his wrist gear to farm pesos.

Still, the outcome ultimately matters little. Do what you believe fits best with your version of Dani, then move on to the next mission.

If you’re looking to experience all that Far Cry 6 has to offer, check out the Cache Money treasure hunt and Rising Tide hunt as well. The weapons and items they reward you with make some of the higher-difficulty missions, such as Paint the Town, much easier to handle. It helps to have the right Supremo and weapons for the job as well.

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