Valve is reviewing Steam’s whole library for Steam Deck compatibility

Ahead of Steam Deck’s launch in December, Valve is reviewing “the entire Steam catalog” to check each game’s compatibility with the handheld. That presumably means everything, from stuff like Poop Plague in Fairyland through to Cyberpunk 2077. Each game will be categorised based on its compatibility, ranging ‘Verified’, ‘Playable’, ‘Unsupported’ and ‘Unknown’. Icons for each category will display on the game’s listing.

Those categories are pretty self-explanatory: 

  • Verified means that the game has full controller support, no compatibility warnings, support for the Deck’s native resolutions and complete system support ranging its middleware through to any anti-cheat software.  
  • Playable means some tweaking may be necessary, with Valve’s example being a game that may require a “user to manually select a community controller config, needing to use the touchscreen to navigate a launcher, etc.” 
  • Unsupported means the game doesn’t work (Valve uses Half-Life: Alyx as an obvious example) 
  • Unknown means Valve doesn’t know, compatibility has yet to be checked. 

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