New World review-in-progress: Don’t rush to the endgame

Amazon’s New World is a bit on the large side, as you might expect from an MMO, so instead of keeping you wondering if it’s worth your time for weeks and weeks, I’m gathering my thoughts in this review-in-progress so you can get an idea of what my impressions are while I work my way towards final judgement. 

I’ve split it up into sections for each update, and you can use the navigation bar on the side to jump between them. You can check out my first impressions; my thoughts on PvP, dungeons and home ownership; and finally my endgame experience. 

New World first impressions

(Image credit: Amazon)

I’ve spent so much time in New World since it launched on Tuesday that I can’t close my eyes without seeing a parade of musketeer hats, wolves and trees. I’ll be entrenched in Amazon’s MMO for a while yet, but I’m ready to take a quick break from my job as a stylish, wolf-hunting lumberjack to return to my other calling, writing too many words about videogames. It’s review-in-progress time!

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