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For decades people on this forum have complained about Canon failing to meet the needs of “we” and claiming that Nikon or Sony produce the cameras that “we” really need. Yet somehow, Canon continues to dominate the market. So, who does the evidence suggest knows more about what “we” need?

Oh, and perhaps you missed the fact that the 1D X III was released in 2020 with a 20 MP sensor. Your comment about comparing to a 10 year old camera is either ill-informed or simply petulant.

Yep, Canon dominates the market. But, would Canon be even more dominant if they would have done things differently. Let’s take the R3 for example. Canon will sell a lot of these bodies to Sports and Media types, and some to wildlife shooters as well; given it is 24mp. But if it would have been 45mp with the option to shoot lower res. as well as full res, then would they have sold even more? Just because Canon is dominant does not mean they could not have done, or do, better.

If Canon would have gone the route of 45mp, or so, with option to down res., I know they would have gained at least one additional sale; mine. And from what I have read on this and other forums they would have gained more wildlife and bird shooters than just me. There are a lot of wildlife and bird photographers, possibly more than sports and media shooters. Also, if the R1 comes out with 45+mp and all the capabilities of the R3 and then some, but is 8K dollars, then Canon will not get my purchase of that body either, because 8K is just too much money for me to justify. I realize Canon will not care one bit that they don’t get my sale, but they may care if they price a bulk of the bird and wildlife folks out of the market. I don’t know of any business that does not want to maximize their sales.

Overall, all this makes little difference to me as there are options out there that will serve my needs at a price I can afford as a professional bird and wildlife photographer. Maybe it will be Canon or Sony or… Ultimately, I will be interested to see how all this works out over the next 2 years or so; what flagship cameras Canon, Nikon, and Sony will have out in the market and what the capabilities of each will be relative to their cost.


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