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Canon News has uncovered a Canon patent showing off some focal reducers in their latest round of patents.

This patent is for RF mount Cinema cameras that would reduce the focal length of full-frame lenses on Super35 image sensors. These are not for EOS R cameras and certainly not for EOS M cameras.

The lens used for the embodiments is a 50mm f/1.4 full-frame EF mount lens.  The total lens length in the embodiments will show the 50mm lens as well as the focal plane distance which is 20mm, plus the reducer.

Canon Mirrorless Reduced 40mm F1.1

  • Focal length 40.14mm
  • F-number 1.13
  • Half-angle 20.24°
  • Image height 14.80mm
  • Lens Overall length 93.90mm
  • BF 11.81mm

Canon Mirrorless Reduced 35mm F1.0

  • Focal length 36.54mm
  • F-number 1.03
  • Half-angle 22.05°
  • Image height 14.80mm
  • total lens length 91.95mm
  • BF 10.70mm

Canon Mirrorless Reduced 32mm F.95

  • Focal length 33.45mm
  • F-number 0.94
  • Half angle of view 22.42°
  • Image height 13.80mm
  • Lens total length 91.91mm
  • BF 9.73mm

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