Elden Ring will have a maximum framerate of 60fps on PC

Back in the days of yore, specifically August 2012, the original Dark Souls hit PC and it was a bit of a mess. Aside from the Games For Windows Live requirement, it also had a maximum framerate of 30fps. That limitation hasn’t blighted any From Software game released for PC since, but it’s still a relief to hear Elden Ring will run “up to” 60 frames per-second.

That’s the limit, by the way: like Dark Souls 3 before it, you won’t be uncapping that 60fps unless you use an inevitable post-launch mod. Likewise, 4K is the maximum resolution, though Elden Ring will support HDR. Tantalizingly, raytracing will also come to Elden Ring, though that will come “via patch.” It’s unclear whether that’ll be a launch patch or come later.

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