Epic has pulled the Travis Scott emote from Fortnite’s shop following concert tragedy

An emote in Fortnite featuring Travis Scott has been removed from today’s item shop as an investigation into a tragedy at the rapper’s Astroworld festivalm, in which eight people died, continues.

As per Eurogamer, Epic Games has removed the Out West emote (which features a sample the musician’s music) alongside all other items in the shop’s Daily section. The shop is set to return tomorrow, but it’s likely that the Travis Scott emote will be gone for a while to come.

Epic’s Twitter account dedicated to updating players on the status of the game has acknowledged the daily shop’s removal, though it’s not made the direct link to the events at Astroworld.

“It’s known that the “Daily” section of the Item Shop has been disabled. This is intentional and the “Daily” section will return with the next Item Shop refresh,” says a tweet from the developer.

Per media reports, eight people died and up to 300 were injured during the events at Astroworld over the weekend. An entrance to the festival site had apparently been compromise and groups of people without tickets made their way into the area, causing overcrowding and the eventual crowd surge that proved fatal.

The rest of the festival was cancelled, and it’s highly likely that Epic had included the Out West emote in the store to promote the end of the orginally planned festival date. At the time of writing, those that own the emote can still use it in-game – the emote has only been removed from the store, not the entire game (at this point).

Travis Scott’s Fortnite emote was included in the game off the back of the performer’s in-game 2020 concert, which ended up netting Scott an eye-watering $20 million.

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