A controversial Battlefield 2042 skin that referenced the Russo-Ukrainian War is being renamed

DICE’s Battlefield 2042 is out in early access, and already the game is causing a stir with some controversial cosmetic elements. According to a new statement from the developer, a skin for specialist Pyotr “Boris” Gukovsky that references the Russo-Ukrainian war will be renamed.

Per Eurogamer, the epic-tier skin, which was called “Little Green Man”, is going to get a name change after fans pointed out that the term was what Ukranian civilians and media called the masked Russian soldiers that were deployed to the country in green army uniforms during the Ukrainian crisis of 2014.

The change comes after fans on Twitter and elsewhere complained to DICE. One player wrote “are you ok with jokingly putting the Russian terrorists that occupied part of my country? Why not add dunno ISIS or Taliban units to the mix?”

A reply to the tweet from DICE’s communiactions team noted that “We sincerely appreciate you bringing this to our attention. The use of the name was unintentional, and you’ve helped us to make a positive change in the game. Thank you.”

A seperate tweet later confirmed that the name would be taken out of the game and changed following the public blowback. “It unintentionally references a real world issue, and isn’t reflective of our team’s values,” said DICE. “We’ll be changing the name in a forthcoming update, and appreciate it being brought to our attention.”

And that’s not the only change coming to the game in the short term, either: DICE has listed a massive amount of known bugs in the game, some of which will be fixed soon.

If you’re uncertain about whether or not to jump into Battlefield 2042, you can read our Battlefield 2042 reviews round-up. It’s something to do if you’re waiting until next year to hear about the game’s Season One, after all.

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