New Warzone map: Here’s what we know

Looking for info about the new Warzone map? It’s not long now until Caldera drops, at which point we’ll head to the sunny shores of the Pacific and a brand new theatre of war. This island map is a similar size to Verdansk, but packed with unique landmarks and locations. Whether it’s an old movie theatre, airstrip, or submarine pen—the new exotic location should prove plenty to fight over.

Caldera is part of the additons coming with Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, with new events, as well as the anti-cheat tool, Ricochet. But it’s not all sand and sunshine. Verdansk is being decommissioned—no doubt in some explosive manner—in the End of Verdansk event happening on December 6, so players can bid farewell to the old map. Rebirth Island is still sticking around, though.

In this new Warzone map guide, I’ll round up the current details about Caldera, when it’s releasing, and what we can expect from the Pacific battlefield. If you’re looking to get into shape for the new map with some competitive builds, be sure to give this best Warzone loadout list a look.

(Image credit: Activision)

Warzone Caldera: Everything we know about the new Pacific map

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