Microsoft used Xbox dev kits for Halo Championship

IGN reported that Microsoft needed to resort to using some Xbox Series X dev kits for the Halo Infinite Halo Championship Series tournament, showing that even the company that makes the console has trouble getting its hands on it due to the ongoing chip shortage.

In a tweet made by Halo esports and viewership lead at 343 Industries Tahir Hasandjekic, he said that the open bracket players would be playing with Xbox Series X dev kits, citing the chip shortage as he did.

Development kits are what they say on the tin: They’re the locked consoles that developers use to make games for release on retail units. Still, they have the same guts in them as the retail units, so while this is a fine solution for the Halo Championship Series, it underlines how serious the supply chain shortage is. And Microsoft isn’t the only company dealing with less consoles available on shelves.

The Halo Championship Series took place across the past three days this weekend, and seems to have concluded smoothly even with the dev kits in tow. Top prize was a prize pool of $250,000 + crowdfunding, a sizable purse showcasing how important eports is to the franchise.

Halo Infinite just came out a few weeks ago, but it’s already gracing many game of the year lists. It also has a lot of synergy with the new Xbox Elite Controller. Regardless Halo nostalgia is still strong, as it appears in unexpected places these days.

Halo Infinite is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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