Nvidia’s festive Minecraft map packs an RTX-powered wonderland into a snowglobe

‘Tis the season for festive gaming. This year, Nvidia is rolling into the holidays with another graphical showcase, adding to its Minecraft RTX showcase collection with a snow-swept Winter World commissioned as part of a charity fundraising campaign.

Created by prolific Minecraft builder Ushio “Dr_Bond” Tokura (who had previously built Nvidia’s Aquatic Adventure RTX showcase), Winter World offers a jaunt through a festive wonderland split across three massive snow-globes, framed by a series of quests for the jolly old gift-scoundrel himself.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

After chasing down post and loose buttons for Santa in a dark forest, you’re whisked away to a bustling winter market. It’s here that RTX really gets to flex its muscles, with string lighting reflecting off cobbled pavements and warping through ice sculptures. A grand hall overlooks the scene, and its dark windows provide near-flawless reflections of the glowing scene behind.

Perhaps the strangest effect of RTX comes from the sky itself. Winter World takes place in a series of massive snowglobes, but Minecraft being Minecraft, these globes are formed of thousands of glass blocks. Reflections shimmer and blend strangely against its surface, lending each scene an almost dreamlike quality.

(Image credit: MIcrosoft)

Winter World also contains a complete recreation of Great Ormond Street Hospital, the London children’s hospital for which the world was created. An in-game QR code will link you to a donation page for the hospital’s Home for Christmas fundraising campaign.

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