Here’s a game about selling maple syrup to soup up your trashy car for street racing

If you also like weird games that are oddly specific and a clear labor of love, well, have I got one for you: Mon Bazou, which in Quebecois French translates roughly to “my piece of shit car,” is a game about making money doing odd jobs in order to soup up the titular Bazou into a real race car. It all takes place in Canada, 2005, around “the hot scene of tuned cars and wanna-be streets racers.”

Though Mon Bazou is in Early Access, it’s clearly a labor of love by solo developer SantaGoat. I’m honestly impressed by how much is in it, given that it only released a few weeks ago. As of this writing, it has 119 Steam reviews that are 99% positive. To me, that’s the same energy that made My Summer Car such a success and earned it a spot on our best racing games roundup.

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