Netgear’s new Wi-Fi 6E Nighthawk router is $200 cheaper than last years’

Over the coming days we’re going to see a lot of cool hardware news drop at CES. Not all of it, like these weird ratio screens, are particularly relevant to gamers. However, this new router from Netgear absolutely has gamers in its sights for the target market.

Netgear’s newest Nighthawk router (spotted by Cnet) builds on last year’s Wi-Fi 6 release nicely, and perhaps more importantly, costs $200 USD less. The Nighthawk RAXE300 WiFi 6E router maintains the same all black gull winged look, like some sort of stealth jet like last years’ too. Though, this years’ model looks like it could be a nice matt black finish instead of a shiny, fingerprint prone one.

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