Here’s why Ninja and Jessica Blevins are threatening to sue Pokimane

Over the last few days, there has been an explosion of drama on Twitch revolving around streamers Ninja, Pokimane, and JiDion. This has culminated with Ninja’s manager, and wife, Jessica Blevins claiming in private messages that the couple are getting lawyers involved as they believe Pokimane is defaming them. And somehow this all started with a raid.

Though not exactly a small streamer, JiDion is the least famous of the parties here. He was a Twitch streamer who ‘hate raided’ Pokimane. Raids are a feature of Twitch where streamers can send all of their viewers to watch someone else at the end of their stream. Though it’s often a positive way to connect with other creators, there are some that use it to actively harass and target other streamers. There was even a period during the middle of 2021 where bots were mass hate raiding streamers with slurs and other vitriolic language.

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