Here’s Wordle, except for rude words

When a game as simple and wholesome as Wordle comes along, it’s only a matter of time before the foul-minded get their hands on it. Thus, we have Lewdle, a new clone of Wordle created by Rogue One writer Gary Whitta (disclosure: he once edited PC Gamer). To call it a clone oversells it a bit: it basically is Wordle, except it only has five letter words you weren’t allowed to say aloud at school.

I managed to win on the second line of my first attempt. Playing Lewdle will probably rank among the most frivolous, wasteful things I do this week, but I am nevertheless proud. The word was “boner,” which is slang for an erection of the penis. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, that word fits the category of “impolite” rather than “vulgar” or “obscene.” But it is definitely lewd, I guess.

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