Perfect password primer: upgrade your security

Most of us know security is important, but we still choose the lazy option when it comes to password security. Of course it’s bad to use the same password for every website. But it’s not even good enough to use a strong password; we now live in a world where so much is tied up with our online lives that hackers are doing more and more to break into online accounts.

So, we’re going to look at the whole subject of password security, and hence online account security, how we can choose better passwords, how we can make our lives easier but also safer, how we can increase protection beyond passwords, and how hackers attack and use your account details.

Some of this advice you’ll have probably heard before, some of it is hopefully new, but by the end, you’ll be suitably terrified that you’ll overcome your human propensity for laziness, get up off your ass, and protect your passwords!

Google Chrome can manage and synchronize passwords across your devices.

Let’s start by scaring you: There’s been a host of research on password security, made much easier by the huge number of database breaches in recent years. One of the widest-ranging research efforts was by Google, published mid-2017 in its “Data breaches, phishing, or malware? Understanding the risks of stolen credentials” paper.

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