Biden calls Intel’s plan to build $20B chip factories in Ohio ‘a game changer’

Intel has announced that it will spend $20 billion on two new semiconductor factories in Ohio. The company says that the factories won’t be ready to start making chips until 2025, so the news sadly won’t relieve us of the chip shortage making PC gaming so hard right now (which Intel estimates will continue until next year), but it could be the start of a long term shift in chip manufacturing. Alongside the announcement, President Biden is talking up his administration’s effort to alleviate the global semiconductor shortage by increasing production in the US.

“This is a game changer,” Biden said in a speech at the White House on Friday, where he repeatedly mentioned the massive effect the shortages have had on car manufacturers (but not the effect it’s had on PC gamers, if you can believe it). Biden praised Intel for spending big on a US-based factory. Samsung and Micron pledged to do the same last year.

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