Hitman 3 players on Steam to receive free upgrades

IO Interactive is offering Hitman 3 players an olive branch after the release on Steam “didn’t go as planned.”

It seems new Hitman 3 owners and potential customers were a bit miffed at how the game was launched on the service.

The issue players had with the game was the various purchase options available for the Hitman games. One of the biggest issues potential customers had was the fact Hitman 3 was priced at $60 for a game without anything but the base content.

To appease buyers and potential customers, IO Interactive is offering up extra paid content for nothing.

“We were excited to bring Hitman 3 to Steam with new content and we knew that anticipation and excitement levels amongst our Steam players was high, especially as the game had been an Epic exclusive for a year,” said the studio.

“Ultimately, we didn’t meet our own expectations of a launch experience and we don’t like that our Steam community is beginning their Hitman 3 journey in this way.”

To make up for things, everyone on Steam who has already bought Hitman 3 or buys the game through to February 19 will be granted a free upgrade to the Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition.

All Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition or Hitman Trilogy owners will get a free upgrade to the Seven Deadly Sins Collection.

This process is now automatically rolling out via Steam entitlements. To make sure you received your upgrade, launch your Steam copy of Hitman 3 and the new content from your free upgrade will be waiting for you.

Hitman 3 has entered year two, and one of the updates you can expect out of it is the roguelike mode Freelancer which introduces strategic planning and a customizable safehouse. The mode is slated for this spring. Along with Freelancer mode, players will have a new map to traverse. It’s called Rocky, and IO promises more information about it will be revealed later this year.

On January 20, a new game mode called Elusive Target Arcade was made available. Here, the Elusive Target concept has been mixed up a bit and contains new challenges and unlockable rewards.

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