Luckitown is a cute and cruel blend of tower defense and Yahtzee

Don’t ever let someone tell you Yahtzee is an innocent, casual game. Yahtzee is simple, yes—mostly luck, with a dash of skill and math in how you score your rolls—but it is also brutal. Almost every single time you play, this game forces you to inflict a grievous wound to your own morale and ego. The likelihood that you’ll have to fill in the little box on your scoresheet for your “Yahtzee” roll with a zero is high. You hold off as long as you can, hoping to roll that rare five-of-a-kind to score a magnificent 50 points, but once you’ve used up your Chance and settled for a meager three-out-of-five sixes, it’s time to face reality.

You will not roll a Yahtzee. There is no room left for hope. All that’s left is waiting for the end.

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