Blizzard’s survival game has been in development for almost 5 years

Blizzard clearly isn’t ready to share many details about its upcoming survival game, because the only title for the game it’s given us is “Unannounced Survival Game.” Enigmatic! The non-announcement has at least allowed current and ex-Blizzard developers to speak openly about their involvement, and based on their comments, we’ve learned that: A) people with knowledge of the project are pretty hyped about it, and B) it’s been in some form of development for more than four-and-a-half years.

Unannounced Survival Game’s development is being led by Craig Amai, who said on Twitter that the game started as a “humble pitch” on his PC. According to Amai’s current LinkedIn profile, he left the World of Warcraft team and started leading the survival game team in July 2017, four years and seven months ago.

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