Battlefield 2042 ‘did not meet expectations,’ EA boss says

Things have not gone well for Battlefield 2042, the latest entry in EA’s long-running military shooter series. It was buggy at launch, forcing DICE to rush fixes, and worse, many Battlefield fans really didn’t care for some of the game’s core design choices. As we noted when Battlefield 2042 was hammered with negative user reviews on Steam immediately after launch, the majority of early complaints focused on deliberate design choices that players felt stripped away too much of the traditional Battlefield character. The discontent ran deeply enough that EA recently decided to push the launch of Battlefield 2042’s first season into early summer, so developers can work on improving the core game with both fixes and new features.

Unsurprisingly, that unhappiness translated into relatively poor sales. In a quarterly investors call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that “the launch of Battlefield 2042 did not meet expectations.” He also acknowledged that while some of its problems arose from the difficulties of working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, fans just didn’t care for some of the changes that developers made to the formula. 

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