Dying Light 2 Water Tower guide

The Dying Light 2 Water Tower quest has two choices you’ll need to make to continue with the story. As with most of these decisions, the outcome isn’t apparent, so it can add a lot of pressure if you’re worried about shutting yourself off from potential story beats or endings. The Aitor or Sophie choice is one of the first big decisions you need to make, for example.

While both Water Tower decisions have consequences for the rest of the game, they’re not necessarily big ones. Even so, beware of spoilers ahead as I explain what your choices are and the outcome for each option. So if you’re ready to find out if you should help Jack and Joe and whether to give the Dying Light 2 water tower to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors, read on.

Dying Light 2 Jack and Joe choice: Should you help them? 

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