Horizon Forbidden West gets a cinematic trailer ahead of next week’s release

Sony has released a cinematic trailer for Horizon Forbidden West ahead of its February 18 release next week.

In it, Aloy reflects on Rost’s teachings as she faces “new and dangerous threats” which you will encounter in the game.

And to get you ready for launch day, Sony has announced that any who have digitally pre-ordered the game can pre-load it from today on PS4 and PS5.

In the game, the world is dying, the natural world is being poisoned and strangled by a mysterious new threat. To slow the decay, Aloy must head West into a land forgotten by everyone she knows, to track down the source of the plague and put a stop to The Red Blight.

The map stretches from Utah in the US to the pacific ocean on the west coast. The map this time out is a bit bigger, and there will be dozens of new machines to encounter. You will also come into contact with new tribes, some of which are peaceful. But some aren’t, like the raiders who have discovered knowledge on how to override the machines to use them as beasts of war.

Along with the trailer, Sony also shared additional news today: as of November 28, 2021, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold through more than 20 million units worldwide across PS4 and PC combined, and the community has spent more than 1 billion hours in the game. That’s quite a bit of copies and an enormous amount of playtime.

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