Star Trek: Bridge Crew has been suddenly delisted

Ubisoft’s virtual reality take on Star Trek has been delisted on Steam and the Oculus Store. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a cooperative VR game that tasks players with collaborating on the upkeep of the Enterprise. James had a lot of fun with it back in 2017, and while it was definitely built for VR headsets, a non-VR edition did eventually release.

But if you head over to the Steam page now, a notice warns that “at the request of the publisher, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is no longer available for sale on Steam.” Meanwhile, the game is only available to wishlist on the Oculus Store. There is, at the time of writing, one way to purchase Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and that’s via the Ubisoft webstore. You’ll need to buy it via browser, though, because it’s unavailable on the Ubisoft desktop app.

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