Facebook has lost $500 billion since rebranding to Meta

It’s been about five months since Facebook rebranded its parent company into Meta and it has hardly been smooth sailing. Companies like Apple and Google have started to include privacy changes that are really cramping Meta’s business model of tracking as much of your personal data as possible to sell things back to you. Earlier this month the company had already dropped 30% of its stock market share value, and things are only looking worse for Meta.

Apple and Google’s privacy measures that allow users to block Meta’s trackers are clearly crippling the company’s revenue, but these trackers were also already responsible for many users turning their back on the platform. Constantly bothered by random or creepily accurate advertising has put many off, but there are even more reasons for the popularity decline. Among younger demographics who prefer other platforms like TikTok, Facebook and other Meta platforms are barely able to get a word in. It’s often seen more as the place that one out of touch relative gets all their misinformation, rather than a cool social media hangout. 

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