Playing Slaanesh lets you get up to some real diplomacy shenanigans in Total War: Warhammer 3

Slaanesh is Warhammer’s god of excess. Sex, sure, but indulgence and vice and good things taken too far in general—a god of wine, drugs, fashion, decadent art, and throwing the best parties. When you play N’Kari, the greater daemon of Slaanesh in Total War: Warhammer 3, you get a blanket bonus to diplomacy with all factions. It’s no surprise that everybody loves you. You’re the popular kid whose parents have a swimming pool and don’t lock the alcohol cabinet. Of course everyone wants to be your friend.

Diplomacy was a weak spot in the previous two Total War: Warhammer games that’s finally been improved thanks to mechanics brought over from Three Kingdoms and Troy. A quick deal button lets you find potential trade partners or allies with ease, and a balance offer button lets you instantly pile on the necessary cash to make a deal go through rather than having to guess the amount (and then guess again when you get it wrong). Allies will build outposts to add to your garrisons and straight-up lend you their armies if you ask nice. There’s an option to trade settlements too, meaning you don’t always have to go to war over the one town you need to complete a province. I mean, I still did, but I didn’t have to.

A settlement in the Chaos Wastes

(Image credit: Sega)

N’Kari is uniquely placed to engage with diplomacy thanks to a mechanic called Seductive Influence, which represents your sway over the various human and elven nations susceptible to your offers. Any kind of exposure to Slaanesh adds a few points of influence, whether that exposure’s a diplomatic agreement, a cult in one of their towns, or even a battle. As it ticks up, corruption spreads through their lands and they get leadership penalties when fighting you. With enough influence you can dominate non-playable factions like the Norse and Warriors of Chaos, turning them into vassals with a single click.

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