Dungeon Siege is back and has joined the metaverse, for some reason

If you’ve got a once-beloved but now dormant game series gathering dust, you might as well toss it into the metaverse and see what happens. That’s what Square Enix has seemingly done with Dungeon Siege, which has been resurrected as a component of The Sandbox, a so-called metaverse which describes itself as “a leading decentralized gaming virtual world”.

Under the arrangement, there will be a new Dungeon Siege LAND (their italics) on Square Enix’s Sandbox Estate, which the publisher has held since at least mid-2021. Square Enix also invested in The Sandbox in 2019. Owned by Animoca Brands, The Sandbox lets you buy virtual real estate (Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5 are among those who have bought up some digital land), as well as “monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain,” using its VoxEdit and Game Maker tools. In other words, it’s kinda like Minecraft meets Roblox meets “the metaverse” meets NFTs. Now it’s all that, meets Dungeon Siege.

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