Overwatch 2: The heroes, modes, and changes we expect from Blizzard’s strange sequel

When is Overwatch 2 coming out? That question is stilled marred in mystery, but a recent update from Blizzard suggests we’ll get to play the PvP portion of Overwatch 2 relatively soon. Thanks to a behind-the-scenes talk during BlizzCon 2021, though, we do at least know a bit more about what’s to come in Overwatch 2. It’s a bizarre sequel, with some of its new game modes and heroes also coming to Overwatch 1.

Blizzard’s goal is for both games to coexist. Whether you’re planning on picking up Overwatch 2 or sticking with the first game, you’ll be able to play alongside players from both in PvP modes. That said, Overwatch 2 will primarily focus on PvE story missions. Following their successful character cinematics, which have consistently proved to be big hits with the community, expect to see a heavier focus on cool environments and lore in this game.

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