Call of Duty: Warzone is being developed for mobile

Activision has announced it is developing Call of Duty: Warzone for mobile.

According to a job listing, the company is putting together a team to develop a “AAA mobile experience that will bring the thrilling, fluid and large-scale action of Call of Duty: Warzone to players on the go.”

The company is looking to fill various positions for this “ambitious mission” to bring the “large-scale, battle royale experience” to mobile.

Open positions range from production to engineering, design, art, marketing, and more across multiple internal studios including Solid State Studios, Beenox, Digital Legends, and Demonware.

Activision, as you know, already has Call of Duty: Mobile available, but this will be a separate game altogether. CoD: Mobile is a very popular game, and currently has an estimated 56.5 monthly active users and 6.5 million daily on average. When it launched on October 1, 2019, the free-to-play title released with over 2 million installs.

On its second day of availability, installs hit 20 million, and on day four it had over 35 million installs. Within its first week, it hit 100 million downloads and within a couple of months, it had generated an estimated $500 million in revenue.

As of February of this year, the game has brought in more than $1.5 billion in lifetime player spending.

CoD: Mobile is developed by Pokemon Unite’s TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent.

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