Hunt: Showdown’s disappearing dirt man will finally be visible in upcoming patch

Bam! You’re playing Hunt: Showdown, and you just got shot in the head. Sorry. You’re confused, because you didn’t see anybody but the death screen says your killer was only a few meters away. I don’t blame you. Hunt characters are usually pretty easy to pick out among the bayou’s muddy swamps, but your killer was Cain, Hunt: Showdown’s problematic dirt man.

Cain is a $7 premium hunter skin that has become an increasingly popular pick for Hunt players trying especially hard to win. Usually, the main benefit of buying a premium hunter is looking cool, but Cain has risen to the top of the pack because his “outfit” (which is mostly just bare skin covered in dirt and paint) blends in incredibly well with Hunt’s environments. After months of player complaints that Cain is just too hard to see, Crytek is making a second round of artistic changes to his character model that will (hopefully) do the trick this time.

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