Now’s your chance to grab a 4K 43-inch PC and console gaming monitor for $340 off

Last November I was writing up this Gigabyte 4K 43-inch gaming monitor for a Black Friday deal, and it was snapped up pretty quick at $900. Thankfully, though, you’ve a second-chance, and it’s even sweeter than the first. Newegg has knocked $340 off this screen just for the fun of it—thanks to a $200 discount, $100 rebate, and $40 coupon code—turning this PC and console screen hero into a bit of a steal at $760 at Newegg.

This is a mighty large screen at 43-inches, and that’s what makes it great for both PC and console gaming. You probably wouldn’t want to go larger than this for exclusive PC desktop use, nor would you want to go any smaller for your living room. It’s the Baby Bear’s bed of PC gaming panels, and we’re Goldilocks.

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